Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Harry Gordon's Paper Poster Dresses

The POP! DESIGN CULTURE FASHION exhibition at The Fashion and Textile Museum finishes later this month. I took these photographs when I visited a while back and kept meaning to post them.

Dating from 1968, these paper dresses were designed by the American Graphic Designer Harry Gordon and sold at the time for about three dollars each.

The first is 'Hand', the second 'Mystic Eye' - a close up of Audrey Hepburn's eye, and the third 'Rose'.

Harry Gordon's idea was to produce a new dress with an image of a different pop star each week. 

He was scuppered from the beginning. Apparently, Bob Dylan, his choice for the first dress, objected so strongly he had to withdraw the offending articles from sale.

There are a couple of dresses still in their original packaging for sale on etsy now - for just a bit more than three dollars. 

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