Friday, 13 July 2012

More Miss Mouse

It was so nice to see these two early 1970's 'newsprint and roses' and 'marilyn' screen printed dresses in the 'Pop Design Culture Fashion' exhibition at The Fashion and Textile Museum last week. Even though they were rather tucked away in a dark spot. 

The exhibition went quite a way in satisfying my love of all things bright and sparkly. There are some wonderful Mr Freedom and Wonder Workshop designs on show. Real feel good clothes.                                             

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Colin Glascoe

I've had this fine wool Colin Glascoe maxi dress for about 15 years. I take it off the hanger from time to time, admire it, try it on, then put it back on the hanger again, wishing I was at least a foot taller so I could do it justice.

It really does have the most amazingly beautiful print. Vibrant and intense colours, with gorgeous friendly pink dragons peeping out at you about half way down. The more I look, the more I find and the more I love it.

Unfortunately, apart from reading somewhere that he designed a collection of prints for Liberty's, I've managed to find out next to nothing about Colin Glascoe. Maybe someone can help...

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Miss Mouse

There is a new exhibition opening this Friday at The Fashion and Textile Museum. POP! DESIGN CULTURE FASHION

I'm looking forward to it already, especially as I hear they are going to have some Miss Mouse clothes on display. Rae Spencer-Cullen was the designer of all things Miss Mouse. Not an awful lot has been written about her, or her amazing designs which is such a pity. Somebody really needs to put it all in a book.

I love this photograph of her. She looks beautiful and full of fun. Just like her clothes.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Women's League of Health and Beauty

If 'active wear' was still as glamorous as this there's an outside chance I might be a little bit more enthusiastic about exercising.

I can't be sure about the date of this rayon satin top, the name tag sewn into it has thrown me, but the 1930's detailing is all there. A sweet peter pan collar and pin tucks from the shoulder. 
The top slips over your head and has a long tail coming from the back that threads through an opening at the front to keep it all together.

I spent quite a time wondering how you might leap about in this while still protecting your modesty. A bit of research and I soon discovered there were also big black satin knickers designed to wear over it. Very sensible. Maybe I'll come across a pair one day.

The badge has a makers mark stamped on the back. H.W. Miller Ltd Birmingham. 

The Women's League of Health and Beauty  was founded by Mary Bagot-Stack in 1930 and still exists today as The Fitness League.  
And there's a wonderful bit of vintage footage to look at  here.