Saturday, 22 September 2012

Barbara Hulanicki

I have a few bits of Biba, mostly ephemera, and a rather nice early waistcoat that's tucked away somewhere in one of my many bags of things to sort. 

I know what Barbara Hulanicki did in the beginning and I know what she's doing now, but not that much about about what she did in between, after the demise of Biba. The designing in South America and Europe. 

I'd like to find out more about this very sparkly number that I found long ago in a charity shop. The lurex thread running through it reveals a lovely floral design as you move. It's really very pretty.

Hopefully I'll discover more about it all when I get down to Brighton for the
Biba and Beyond exhibition that opened today ... and runs until 14 April 2013.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Christian Dior

So... my sorting, recording, blogging and selling idea has not gone quite to plan. I'll get there. I just didn't realise there would be so much ironing involved.

I have lots of posts on draft, one I'm particularly excited about, but in the meantime here's a photograph taken at the Christian Dior Museum in Granville, Normandy, which I visited last month. 

The 'Stars in Dior' temporary exhibition finishes on the 23rd September.