Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Hot Pants

ahh, the memories... it's 1971 and i'm ten years old. My mum and dad have dropped me off at Tiffany's nightclub for the Saturday morning pre-teen disco and i'm wearing these, my favourite hot pants. The Delfonics 'Didn't I ( Blow Your Mind This Time )is playing and I'm standing under the ultra violet light in my luminous outfit desperately hoping someone, anyone, will ask me to dance.  

Anyway... I've just read the most brilliant article 'Hot Pants: A Short, Happy and Musical Career' which includes a playlist, and a pretty great one at that. So of course I remembered and was prompted to dig these out of a suitcase. They are Made in England by Ian Peters and almost entirely synthetic. 

I can still get them on ( with someone on standby in case I need resuscitating ).


  1. I would have worn that in 1971. I'm impressed that you still have it.

    1. ...but i've no idea why i kept these and not my denim trouser suit with cowboys embroidered on the trouser legs. i loved those just as much!