Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Women's League of Health and Beauty

If 'active wear' was still as glamorous as this there's an outside chance I might be a little bit more enthusiastic about exercising.

I can't be sure about the date of this rayon satin top, the name tag sewn into it has thrown me, but the 1930's detailing is all there. A sweet peter pan collar and pin tucks from the shoulder. 
The top slips over your head and has a long tail coming from the back that threads through an opening at the front to keep it all together.

I spent quite a time wondering how you might leap about in this while still protecting your modesty. A bit of research and I soon discovered there were also big black satin knickers designed to wear over it. Very sensible. Maybe I'll come across a pair one day.

The badge has a makers mark stamped on the back. H.W. Miller Ltd Birmingham. 

The Women's League of Health and Beauty  was founded by Mary Bagot-Stack in 1930 and still exists today as The Fitness League.  
And there's a wonderful bit of vintage footage to look at  here.

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